Meet Melanie Rogers

Melanie’s therapy is guided by her belief that humans are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings. She believes humans are created for relationship – relationship with ourselves, others, and God. Her therapeutic approach addresses this "whole you." 
Therapy sessions are focused on the here-and-now, believing that the relationship between counselor and client is a major instrument of healing and change. Therapy is a safe space where clients can give and receive real-time feedback about what they are experiencing, which leads to growth and change rather than the client being left with insight alone.

Through exploring stories of pain and joy in their lives, clients are invited to name and consider how they have been shaped by significant life experiences. Clients are also encouraged to explore the bigger story being told in and through their lives.

Melanie works with a wide range of men and women, from adolescents to seniors. She often guides clients through issues including: Adoption, Anxiety, Body Image and Disordered Eating, Career Counseling, Emotional Dependency, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Co-dependency, Depression, Grief and Loss, Relationship and Sex Addiction, Parent/Child Relationships, Self Harm, Sexual Identity, Sexual Abuse, Spirituality, Trauma, and more. 

Melanie Rogers (LPC- MHSP, LPC Approved Supervisor, CSAT- Candidate) is the founder and creator of Come Alive Counseling in Nashville, Tennessee. As a therapist, she loves inviting people to explore their own interior landscapes, challenging them to be intrigued with the bigger story being told in and through their lives. Melanie loves nothing more than to see her clients discovering, recovering, and living from their truest self. When she is not working, Melanie is probably lost in pile of books while researching a new topic of interest, hiking with a friend, practicing yoga, playing outdoors, or planning her next travel adventure.

Melanie is trained in EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), a therapeutic approach that uses eye movements to reprocess traumatic events so that the disturbing material is remembered and felt in a new and less distressing way. For more information on EMDR therapy, go to

Melanie is also in the process of becoming a Certified Sex and Love Addiction Therapist (CSAT- Candidate). For more information, go to

Melanie is an LPC Approved Supervisor. She enjoys sharing her clinical experiences, respect for professional ethics, and insatiable curiosity about the human experience to train and develop young therapists.


Meet Jenny Black

Life is full of all the nutrients we need. It is pouring out gifts, resources, and daily opportunities for growth and joy. Life is also full of pain, suffering and trauma. When life does not go the way we plan, when our relationships don’t work the way we thought they would, or when who we are doesn’t feel big enough for the challenges we are facing, therapy can provide a safe place to land. Our human limitations are an invitation to wholeness and living a good life. In therapy, we have a chance to sort through overwhelming thoughts and feelings, to establish a diversified support system, and to clear the path to find our own inner compass. 


Jenny is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. In addition to training new therapists, she works with men and women who are dealing with depression, anxiety, spiritual issues and transition of life issues. Her style of therapy weaves together Solution-focused therapy, Internal Family Systems, Trauma- Informed Therapy, and Art Therapy to help her clients discover and live from their truest selves. She specializes in writing, speaking, and facilitating groups on the topics of self-care and digital health. She is the author of Inner Technology: How to Be Human in a Digital World and Unwritten Travels: A Guided Journal for Women. 

In her free time, you will find Jenny sitting on the porch with her husband, having a soul session with her daughter or talking to her son about his new podcast. Her self-care includes being outside, taking salt baths, going on leisurely bike rides, coloring, dancing, doing puzzles and reading (by a fire whenever possible). She is currently learning how to play chess. 


Meet Amy Fowler

It is rumored that Michelangelo carved one of his greatest statues from a second-hand block of stone that had been rejected because of its many imperfections. When asked how he created such a breathtaking masterpiece, Michaelangelo simply replied, “David was always in the stone. I chipped away until he was free.” 

In the same way, Amy believes that underneath the false images we present to others, there lives a person of inherent beauty, depth, and value. Amy is committed to helping her clients find the courage to live from the unique self they were created to be. 

In order to protect ourselves from painful emotions and secure the love we need, we have developed defensive strategies which, over time, leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and others. Amy creates a safe space where her clients are encouraged to name, feel, and understand their emotions in order to come home to their deepest needs and desires. Amy believes that significant change happens when her clients are able to identify and challenge the shaming messages with which they have been burdened in order to embrace more true and life-giving messages. She believes there is freedom and fulfillment available to those who are willing to chip away at learned defenses and discover the beauty within.

Amy enjoys working with women of all ages. She has experience working with anxiety, depression, disordered eating, codependency, adult children of alcoholics, grief and loss, spirituality, life transitions, toxic shame, sexual abuse, trauma, and career counseling.

In Amy’s free time, you can find her practicing hot yoga, planning her next trip to the Colorado mountains, or untangling her fishing line in a shallow Tennessee stream. Amy loves engaging in rich conversation while enjoying good food with her friends, family, and husband. And when the weather gets cold, you’ll find her cozied up with a heated blanket and favorite candle, reading Harry Potter (again).


Meet Richard Cowan

Are you exploring therapy because you long for change in your life but can’t seem to bring it about? Are you frustrated with a problem that just won’t go away? Or maybe you are simply exhausted and need some time to figure out why? If any of that feels like where you are right now, hear these words from Wendell Berry: “It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work, and that when we no longer know which way to go, we have come to our real journey.”


No matter what you are dealing with, consider that you may be poised at the start of a new work, a journey of coming alive in a new way. If that is you, know that I am here to listen and to help. Together, we will develop skills and strategies that help you navigate the next stage of your journey with confidence and hope.


The work we do in therapy is the work of relationship. Whether you are seeking individual or couples’ counseling, it is essential that you find the right fit and that you feel safe to be just as you are. Once you have found that, you are well on your way towards living with the freedom and aliveness your heart longs to experience.  


My work as a therapist is based on a conviction that our choices and relationship patterns are fueled by our need to experience wholeness and heal the brokenness of our past. This concept lies at the core of attachment theory and is a powerful tool for helping us understand why we struggle with others and with our own internal critic. My personality is sanguine and outgoing, and I am at my best when the folks I work with are ready to build trust, address problems, and dig into the work. Trying new things and embracing vulnerability are all part of the work and the benefit of therapy. 


My areas of skill and experience include: helping couples restore love and connection in their partnership; working with men who want to appraise their internal world and progress in their relationships with others; supporting those impacted by cancer or facing end of life; and guiding adolescent boys through social, emotional or spiritual challenges. I incorporate elements of Imago, Strengths, Solution-focused, Internal Family and Relational-Cultural theories to help clients progress towards a deeper understanding of themselves and more meaningful connections in their work and personal lives.


In her poem, The Journey, Mary Oliver wrote, “One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began.” I am hoping today is that day for you. 


Before beginning his career as a professional counselor, Richard made a few stops on his journey at UVA (wahoowa!), Covenant Seminary and Peabody College.  He served as a school administrator in Nashville and New York and was the Executive Coordinator of Nashville Psychotherapy Institute. When not helping individuals and couples rediscover love and connection in their personal and professional relationships, Richard spends time with his wife and daughters, takes care of his chickens and garden, dreams of entering the next season of MasterChef, and reads anything Wendell Berry ever wrote.